Cheri Call was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona, she was introduced to music, what would later turn into a love and passion, when she was only three years old. At three, young Cheri was already singing in front of audiences. She began writing music as a youthful teenager.  Writing her first song to complete a personal progress goal, Cheri’s love for music and writing songs only grew from there.

Cheri teamed up with Tyler Castleton to record her first album just after graduating college. That same friend later invited her to submit a song for the 1999 Especially For Youth album. This song opened up many doors for Call, eventually leading to a door opened by none other than the popular LDS performing group, “Jericho Road”, who invited her to join them on tour. Call has had many songs included in different EFY CDs since then. She has also written songs for many different soundtracks for LDS movies including God’s Army, Charly, and more.

Cheri Call uses her talents to strengthen the testimonies of others. She is a strong member of the church and loves to share that testimony through her songwriting. Now, Cheri lives in Utah with her two children and husband. While she is a mother, and a wife, a faithful member of the Church, Cheri is also a diligent songwriter whose music continues to be an inspiration to people of all ages.