Jorge Cocco Santangelo is an artist who works with painting, sculpture, lithograph, etching, and ceramics. Painting is his preferred medium. He also is skilled in washi zokey, art created with handmade paper. He paints in a new artistic style he calls “Sacrocubism,” which he says portrays sacred events with several features of the Post-Cubist movement.

He was born in Concepción del Uruguay in Entre Ríos, Argentina. As a boy, he would sleep with a pencil in his hand, and by morning his blankets and sheets would be covered with pencil markings. He won his first art award at the age of nine. He has lived and worked in Spain and Mexico and maintains studios in Argentina and the United States. He has exhibited in one-man shows in North and South America as well as Europe and Asia and has shown his work in fifty group shows worldwide.