Steven R. Shallenberger is the father of six grown children (five boys, one girl) and lives in Provo, Utah. His journey started in Vallejo, California where he learned about setting goals (he counted down to the time he could serve a mission–2,153 days). It is during this count-down that he was exposed to different economic conditions through various jobs he had and he began to wonder “what makes the difference between those who are successful on a sustainable basis and those who are not?” Years later, at 27, Steve bought his first business and published illustrated stories of the presidents of the church (check out some of the books on Amazon) and began teaching his employee leadership skills. During this time he worked closely with Steven R. Covey (author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) and then-Elder Thomas S. Monson (His relationships with both on these inspirational men are discussed in the interview). He later worked for Covey Leadership Center and founded an energy services company, Synergy Companies, in California.

Steve has served as a Branch President in the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center, a Stake President, Mission President (Spain Madrid), Stake Young Men’s President, Bishop (first time at 27) and others. Steve recently completed a national best-selling book, Becoming Your Best, which is the culmination of his life-long pursuit of excellence.  Becoming Your Best identifies 12 “guiding constants” that will help on your journey to become your best. Steve is Chairman of the leadership firm he founded, Becoming Your Best, where he works to help others throughout the world (he recently returned from a trip to Rwanda) be their best in their own lives, families and organizations.